Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Grounded Walrus: Timeline and Motion, Pt. 8

December 8, 1980 (10:50pm)--Upon arriving at the Dakota, Lennon gives Chapman a quizzical look, and then passes him by. Chapman takes out his gun, crouches to a shooting position and gets off five shots. Lennon runs to the front office after sustaining four bullet wounds to his left side. Dakota employee Jay Hastings calls police.

Elaboration: Lennon suffered from four shots to the upper left side of his back and left shoulder, what experts would later describe as a “good shot group.” In fact, the shots were so close together that morgue attendants had difficulty tracing the seperate path of each bullet. Lennon might have stood a fighting chance with three of the wounds. But one bullet punctured his aorta, the major artery attached to the heart. That shot alone would have doomed him from the start.

Figure 1. John Lennon’s death certificate

A number of witnesses gave statements to police. (Emphasis, in italics, is mine.)

--Maury Solomon told Detective William Lundon that he saw three bullet holes in the front glass door of the Dakota. He noticed Chapman smiling after the shooting.

--Franklin Welsh told a Detective Regan that he heard four shots coming from the courtyard. Welsh had just pulled up in a cab to visit a friend when they saw Lennon and Ono stepping out of the limo. He was paying his fare as the shots rang out. He also saw guard/doorman Jose Perdomo kick the gun away from Chapman, after Mark laid it on the ground following the shooting. Welsh immediately tried to flag down police, but found that they had arrived before he could get there.

Welsh’s cab driver, Richard Peterson, said that they were directly behind Lennon and Ono’s limo. He actually saw Chapman firing.

--Joseph Many, the elevator operator for the Dakota complex, told an Officer Clark that he arrived on his shift at 3:30pm that day. He saw Chapman talking to Jeri Moll, whom he recognized as a regular. Many saw Chapman at 9:30, and asked him “Why are you still hanging around here; you already got his autograph?”

Shortly before 11:00pm, he heard three shots while in the basement with two other Dakota employees, Victor Cruz and Joe Grezik. He went upstairs, where Perdomo motioned to the gun, saying, “Get this out of here.” Many took the gun, went downstairs, and hid it in a drawer before handing it over to the police.

--Yoko Ono told Detective Peter Mangicavallo that she and Lennon left the Record Plant at 10:30. They mulled over the possibility of going out to eat, but decided against it. Out of all the witnesses, she alone says that she was behind Lennon, at least some of the time. She also noted a change in routine:

We normally go into the gate but we did not….

Got out walked past gate. John was walking past the door [?], he was walking fast. I heard shots. I heard shots. He walked to door upstairs. Said, ‘I’m shot.’ I followed him. He was standing but staggering. I told him to lay down. Sometimes he was ahead sometimes I was. I saw a male by the watchman’s box. It was dark and night. He nodded at me--dark grayish clothing. Male/white. He was not small....
--Chapman told Judge Dennis Edwards that Lennon was almost to the door when he opened fire. He also said that Lennon had not made significant progress between his first shot and last shot.

Edwards: Would you tell us approximately how far away you were from the victim Mr. Lennon, when you started to fire the shots?

Chapman: I am not quite sure but I think it is around twenty feet.

Edwards: And at any time during the firing of the shots did the distance between you and Mr. Lennon change or did you remain?

Chapman: I don’t think so, no.

Edwards: You remained approximately in the same area?

Chapman: Yes, your Honor.

Edwards: What was Mr. Lennon doing just before you started to fire the shots at him?

Chapman: He was approaching the door that would lead to up to the security area.

Edwards: And what were you doing just immediately before you fired the shot?

Chapman: A second before?

Edwards: Yes. Or a moment before. In other words, as you were standing. Did you stand and wait for him?

Chapman: Yes, your Honor, as he did. As he passed me I stepped off the curb and walked a few steps over, turned, withdrew my pistol and aimed at him in his direction and fired off five shots in quick succession.

Edwards: Did you say anything at or about that time?

Chapman: No, your Honor.
Chapman also said that Ono was way ahead of Lennon, and fled into the courtyard upon hearing gunfire.

Commentary: Within hours of the shooting, James Sullivan, Chief of Detectives, NYPD, told reporters that seconds before the shooting, Chapman called out Lennon’s name (“Mr. Lennon). This detail makes the news for the next twenty-four hours at least.

Figure 2. ABC Nightline coverage of Lennon’s death

Figure 3. CBS News Story on Lennon’s death

During his 1981 competency hearing, Chapman indicated that he didn‘t say anything to Lennon right before the shooting (see transcript above). During his 2008 parole hearing, Chapman categorically denied ever saying anything to Lennon moments before the shooting. Some sources also claimed that Lennon began to turn around in response when Chapman opened fire.

It’s most likely that Chapman said nothing to Lennon, and simply shot at him. Yet it’s curious where this datum might have come from in the first place. For reasons I will go into later, Chapman was never the best source on the murder, especially after 1988. And if he didn’t mention saying anything to Lennon beforehand, it might have slipped his mind during the competency hearing as an unimportant detail. Then too, someone else might have said it. So there’s a slight chance that this could be true to some degree. If Chapman said nothing to Lennon, then the lack of conversation becomes meaningless. But if Lennon actually heard his name (especially if Mark never said it), and turned around, then that could actually go a long way in proving Chapman’s innocence--for reasons I will also go into later.

Other witnesses testified to the information given above, but I cited only a handful of eyewitnesses, excluding such people as Sean Strub and Guy Louthan who only saw something after the fatal shots were fired. In summation, they tell us that Chapman took out a gun, and fired at Lennon. A number of witnesses corroborate the bullet holes in the door of the lobby. And both Chapman and Ono said Lennon had made it almost to the steps leading up to the office.

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  • At 7:30 PM, Blogger foam said…

    the videos resonate because that was my young adulthood.
    i still think just being able to see 10 minutes into the future could have saved his life. it would have been the decisive moment to decide to go through the gate or to stay in the car and move on ..
    but, of course, that is such a mute point.

  • At 8:26 PM, Blogger Charles Gramlich said…

    Amazing that so many folks touched or messed with the gun afterward. That's pretty strange really.

  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger X. Dell said…

    I see where you're coming from, Foam. If nothing else, were he able to see ten minutes into the future, he could have had police intercept Chapman before he arrived at the Dakota.

    Charles, it poses severe problems for the chain of custody of the evidence, especially since the gun is taken elsewhere during the middle of all this.

  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger Libby said…

    you know, it's the stories like this that make me realize how hard it would be to be on a jury...esp for any murder case, even a small town one, not a world-wide one!

  • At 7:41 AM, Blogger Devin said…

    That is awfully strange about that many people handling the gun.
    I had no idea there were that many witnesses to the actual shooting -
    it is meaningless now - well has been for going on 30 years-but it is too bad the person who asked Chapman why he was still hanging around didn't report something -thanks again for the great series Xdell and all the best to you and everyone here!!

  • At 2:00 PM, Blogger Middle Ditch said…

    Well, what can I add to those commented already? Also strange that so many people handled the gun for sure. Great series X. Great loss also.

    And this to Libby, I was on a jury once and hated it. There was one man who had not the slightest interest, one woman who just fiddled with her necklace and never said a word, two women who had already hanged and quartered the poor man (who was later declared innocent on a technicality) and one man who kept on banging about that all those foreigners should be deported straight away.

    Stay well away from such a flawed system.

  • At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Exiles800 said…

    Thanks XDell. I've been consuming this with great interest. I was wondering why I couldn't find part 8 lol.

    Q: Why didn't Chapman shoot Lennon at 5pm if he was programmed?

    A: Because Chapman was distracted by the two women fans he had befriended as well as the photographer Goresh. The people who do such mind control are very smart. They are not going to create a staring zombie with arms extended forward. The type of programming responsible is unconscious. If you use the analogy of the hypnotized part of Chapman being from his waist down then his upper part was busy at 5pm. You have to think of the conscious Chapman as being a normal guy who was overwhelmed by meeting John Lennon in person and having his album signed. When he was surrounded by other people and Lennon it distracted the conscious Chapman from the unconscious controlling sub-personality. The murder was planned when Chapman was alone in hotel rooms and the two levels of personality were in touch and not distracted. After the other fans got tired of waiting for Lennon at the Dakota Chapman begged Goresh to stay but he left anyway. The conscious Chapman asked Goresh to bring back the photo of him and Lennon the next day where he would buy it for $50. Once Chapman was left alone he was no longer distracted and the two personalities from different levels of consciousness were put back in touch with each other. When Lennon arrived back at the Dakota he met an undistracted Mark David Chapman who was now "befriended" by a whole new darker force Chapman was completely unaware of the source of. So those who question Chapman not shooting Lennon at 5pm, thinking they are disproving the hypnosis theory, probably don't realize they are actually reinforcing it.

  • At 6:33 PM, Blogger X. Dell said…

    Libby, this might have been an interesting case were it to come to trial with a defense other than insanity--and in retrospect, I think the insanity defense would have been a longshot. What Dr. Alistair and Charles Gramlich have suggested would have made more sense, but unfortunately, Asperger's wasn't as well known in 1980 as it is today (and even today, there are plenty of mysteries around it).

    Devin, there has been plenty made by someone about Perdomo's actions that night. But they do sound rather strange. Placing myself in my shoes, I might have let him go away if he had a gun, especially if I had none. I might have even let him go if he were larger or younger, or looked like he could lick me in a fair fight. But the last thing I would do is exhort an unarmed murderer to leave the scene. If anything, I wouldn't have said anything at all.

    Monique, that's an interesting story. I'm curious as to whether this jury was in the UK or The Netherlands (I have to confess an ignorance of both legal systems).

    As for the gun, it is indeed rather curious, although one could argue that they didn't want Chapman to retrieve it. Then again, he could have simply followed Many to wherever he took it.

    Hello, Exiles, welcome to the X-Spot.

    You posed the question in a little different way than I did. But the thing is that has to reconcile Chapman's hesitancy to shoot whether he were programmed or not.

    I agree with you that in either case, the restraint was not due to the reason postulated by Bresler--because there was a chance someone stopped it. It was because he was in the presence of Moll and Stein (mostly) and also Goresh. Chapman himself said that when Goresh left, he knew that he would then go forward with it.

    As this series is coming to a close, I hope you enjoy the rest. Feel free to comment on what you see here.

  • At 10:05 AM, Blogger Middle Ditch said…

    UK, I had a letter through the post calling me up for jury duty. You can't get out of it, not even a booked holiday can. I guess it's only when you're on your deathbed that you can be made exempt.

  • At 11:37 PM, Blogger X. Dell said…

    Monique, sounds stricter than the rules here. There are tons of things you can do to get out of jury duty here.

  • At 3:24 AM, Blogger Ray said…

    Aside to Middle Ditch: Here in the states there's certified mail to prove that a particular piece of mail has been sent. I've never heard of jury duty notices being mailed that way. This means that the sender doesn't have any way of proving that the addressee received such mail. Mail is always getting lost. Just an observation about a flaw in the system. Anyway, you already announced to the world here that you did get that notice...

    Getting back to this post's subject: I watched both videos. Each one describes Chapman crouching to a shooting position in its own way. ABC News Nightline: "...crouched police style." CBS News: "...crouched in military stance."

    As mentioned before in this series, X. Dell, Chapman did receive training to make more money as a security guard. But as you have inferred, that doesn't mean it was the only firearm training he received.

    I noticed that Chapman is due for another parole hearing in August (according to Wikipedia).

  • At 7:46 AM, Blogger Helene said…

    Hey, thanks for the comment and of course you are right that years are our badges of honor or should be at least. ( I am reading a book right now (Little Bee) and the main character sees scars as beautiful... reminders that you are alive when many would have been dead. ) Anyway, did you get my email? I sent you one about Susan's news this week. The address I had was quite old so I wasnt sure if it was sitll valid, but attempted it anyway. Hope all is well there! Invisibility... thats a story I would be interested in hearing... not that it would be fun to share I bet.

    Cheers big guy!

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger X. Dell said…

    Ray, yeah I get your point. I should have alluded to that as well because O'Connor made a note of i, yet in later years, the crouch angle became subject to debate--just as the calling out of Lennon's name.

    As for Chapman's upcoming parole hearing, I doubt that he will get what he wants. If he does, that will really be something.

    Helene, yes I did get your e-mail, and thanks for letting me know. I've contacted our friend and wished her and hers well.

  • At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Bluejay Young said…

    In case anyone is interested, I have a WNBC aircheck tape (news anchor Don Imus) about 4 a.m. EST 12/9/80 with the voice of Police Chief Sullivan speaking to reporters. He gives Chapman's full name, age, height, weight, complexion, street address, and his movements from the time he arrived in New York from Hawaii, along with the "Mr. Lennon" and "combat stance" information.

    In my WABC aircheck tape from 5:25 a.m. EST 12/9/80, Gus Engelman is heard phoning in a report to anchor Dan Ingram, repeating all of the above.

    I will put the Chief Sullivan clip in my signature for you to hear.

  • At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks Bluejay Young. I'll visit it anon.

  • At 9:55 AM, Blogger X. Dell said…

    Thanks, Bluejay. It's a fascinating clip, and not just for the "Mr. Lennon" story. I noted a couple of other things. (1) The address given for Chapman here isn't the Puwa Pl. one he gave to authorities. (2) The report here, as stated, says that John was almost to the door when someone supposedly said, "Mr. Lennon." That places him more in the position that everyone (except police, at least initially) says they were in.

    Another thing: Chapman told the court that he didn't say anything at the scene. That doesn't rule out he possibility that somebody else said it.

    All these stories are consistent with that of a second shooter at the service elevator door. If Lennon responded to a call out of his name, in that tunnel-like structure the acoustics could make it seem as though the sound came from his right when it actually came from his left. Were he to turn towards his right, it would have opened his left flank to provide the very shots noted by Dr. Veteran and morgue attendants. Could very well account for any GSR they found, and more aptly explains the bullet holes in the front door.

  • At 6:45 PM, Blogger Wayne E. Manzo, PhD said…


    Part B

    At the beginning of this article it said that all these men were
    homeless? The Unlucky Four were homeless men. But certainly John
    Lennon was not homeless in New York City?
    If you are not in the Jewish Mafia in Manhattan then
    even if you have money and a nice apartment like the Dakota on
    West 72nd Street__you are still considered homeless and can be
    played and even killed__if a member of the Jewish Mafia wants
    Super Stardom! From the ghettos of Bay City to the
    top of the Pop Charts__do we really know who Madonna is?
    Should we find out?

    But, like sloppy Hollywood writers, we apparently left out
    the connection between Mark Jedi-Night Jedilinich and Madonna
    other then the fact that "Mr. Madonna" Robert Dewey Hoskins
    looks sort-a like Mark Jedi-Night Jedilinich? How is the
    Jedi-Night associated with Madonna? The answer to that
    question can be found by asking this question "Who was the
    Jedi-Night married to when he left NJ?" Ans: Dr. Manzo's
    sister whose father was working for Jewish Mafia Lewis Gross
    at The Pioneer Printing Corporation. What type of job did Mark
    Jedilinich land at Hewlitt Packard in Oregon? Ink Jet Printing?
    Where was "Mr. Madonna" Robert Dewey Hoskins from?
    Oregon? Coincidence?

    Yoko Ono? Mono like Stereo? Moe No! or M is Ono? Madonna is Yoko.
    Cafe Mocha? Only one letter off__Mo CIA? Moe CIA? Rosie O called her gal pal Moe?
    Cafe Moe CIA? CA Foo, Moe CIA?

    The Doorman at the Dakota, John Lennon's Residence, was Jose Perdomo who many
    conspiracy theorists believe is the same Jose Perdomo who worked for the CIA
    against Fidel Castro's communist Cuba. Jose is the same as Joe? Joe Perdomo
    Joe (Perdo) Mo or Joe Moe? Moe Joe Rising? Jim Moe-Risin?
    Was the death of John Lennon one of Madonna's greatest hits?
    John Lennon signed his autograph for Mark Chapman on the Album
    "Double Fantasy" was this a message? You can shoot me double but not me__
    come back about 10 this evening and load your gun?
    Is John Lennon still alive? Yoko had John Lennon's body quickly cremated and
    to this day we do no know what Yoko did with he ashes?

    Mark Jedi-linich at HP Printing? Joe "The Evil Jew" Printer at Pioneer Paper? Was Mark Chapman a Printer also?

    And, I this is documented stuff, Dakota employee Joseph Many came up because he, along with coworkers Victor Cruz and Joe Grezik, heard three shots from downstairs. Joseph Many? Perdomo instructed fellow Dakota employee Joseph Many to take
    the gun away from Chapman? Jose(Joseph) PerJoe Moe? Moe Joe Risin!
    Dr. Elliot Gross, the pathologist who conducted the autopsy and signed the death certificate?
    Joe "The Evil" Jew Manzo's boss at Pioneer Paper? NASA Lewis Gross!

    Dr. Manzo has been abducted by the "Martian" Armenian Jew Mafia in Los Angeles and is
    being kept homeless and denied benefits and housing and any social welfare
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    He is being harassed and tortured and poisoned and the voices he hears come
    from Orbs and the voices sound like the "Armenian Jew Mafia" relatives from Jewish
    Teaneck NJ and other Evil Martian Jews he has made contact with over the years__
    and the little Evil Martian Jew Louise Chick-Co-NY from Bay City Michigan!
    Or, for those in the know, the former Mrs. Madonna Louis(e) Research Center Manzo.

    Mark Chapman is not the killer of John Lennon. The Superstar wanna-bee
    from Bay City Michigan who setup shop only a few blocks south on
    West 64th and CPW in a luxury duplex only a few years later and who sky-rocketed
    in the Jewish controlled entertainment industry__M is the real killer.
    Dial M for Murder of John Lennon and any Human Gentile that gets into the way
    of the "Martian Jew Mafia Telepathic Psychopathic Race".

    Dr. Wayne E. Manzo
    (310) 922 - 5163,
    503 Olympic Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger X. Dell said…

    Hello Doc.


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